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Catskill Mountain Waltzes and Airs
by Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

CD thumbnail The Waltz Book Vol. I, II, III & IV by Bill Matthiesen PortlandCollection_41 The Portland Collection Vol. I & IIby Songer & Curley
war_sound_56 New England Fiddler’s Repertoire by Miller & Perron CD thumbnail Fiddle Tunes for Cello by Lucy Reuter CD thumbnail

The Cello Fiddling Tune Book by Deborah Greenblatt

dreamer_56 The Civil War Ballroom Band Book by Liz Stell & Bill Matthiesen. CD thumbnail

Songs of the Civil War by Irwin Silber

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The Great American Tablature Songbook by Mark Hanson

Catskill Mountain Waltzes and Airs
by Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

62 of Jay & Molly’s original waltzes and airs. This book contains melodies and chord symbols for each tune plus a paragraph about each and some illustrative photographs. The collection covers a wide range of moods, tempos, and styles and includes “Ashokan Farewell,” “The Lovers’ Waltz,” “Love of My Life,” “The Snowstorm,” and fifty-eight more.

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Book: $14.95 

eBook for Kindle etc: $9.95 

PDF version of the book: $9.95 

waltzbookI waltzbookIIwaltzbookIII waltzbookIV

The Waltz Book Vol. I, II, III & IV
by Bill Matthiesen

One of Jay and Molly’s favorite resources, these easy to read spiral bound books include the melodies and chord symbols for some of the most memorable waltzes played by dance musicians today. There’s a nice mix of recent compositions along with traditional classics, some with Celtic, Canadian or Scandinavian roots. It’s great fun to get together with friends and family and read through waltz after beautiful waltz, improvizing harmonies and countermelodies along the way.

Vol. I / 51 Waltzes including The Lover’s Waltz, Ashokan Farewell and Midnight on the Water.[66 pages]

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Vol. II / 73 Waltzes including Waltzing With You, The Mountain House, Metsakukkia, and Give Me Your Hand. [80 pages]

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Vol. III / 68 Waltzes including Eclipse of the Moon (Ruth Ungar), Ellery Rose (Molly Mason), and West Texas Waltz (Jay Ungar). [74 pages]

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Vol. IV / Vol. IV / 72 Waltzes including Dying Embers and The Snowstorm (Molly Mason) and also The Love of My Life and The Solstice Maid (Jay Ungar). [74 pages]

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Alma Brasileira
Alouette’s Waltz
Annelis Vals
Arran Boat Song
Berceuse pour Hannah
Blue Dress Waltz
La Cachucha
Café Waltz
Candles in the Dark
Carolan’s Cottage
Chance Creek
Dark Island
Doireann’s Waltz
Dying Embers
Endearing Young Charms
Eva’s Waltz
Ffarwel Vaughn Ward
Flying Home
For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name
Gaye’s Steps
Gina’s Waltz
La Gueussinette
Hugo’s Waltz
In Continental Mood
Jitterbug Waltz
Konstan Parempi Valssi
Längtan efter Sally
Leaving Lismore
Lill-Ingrids Vals
The Love of My Life
Lueur d’Espoir
La Maestra
The Merry Widow Waltz
Mrs. Chambers
Muistatko Monrepos’n
Nany Valse
The Ohia Blossom Ragtime Waltz
Old Madera Waltz
Parlez-Moi d’Amour
Pearls & Diamonds
Ralph’s Watch
Rantakoivun Alla
Regency Waltz: Patriot’s
Regency Waltz: Lord Downshire’s
Return to Crieff
Saari & Kristen
She Left a Star
60 Roses All in a Roe
The Snowstorm
The Solstice Maid
Sörens Vals
Stens Vals
Summer Haze
That Sultry Waltz
Tim & Lydia’s Wedding Day
Upper Valley
La Valsajo
La Valse des Espoirs Fanés
Valse des Fables
La Valse Joyeuse
La Valse Laurencienne
Valse des Niglos
Ville de Quebec
Waltz for Eliza
Wilmington Waltz

Volumes I, II, and III and IV: $14.95 each

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PortlandCollection pc2_cover

The Portland Collection Vol. I & II
by Susan Songer (with Clyde Curley)
Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest

A remarkable collection of the most popular traditional and contemporary fiddle tunes heard at square and contra dances in and about Portland, Oregon. These books contain melodies and chords, as well as interesting notes about each tune.
Vol. I / [spiral bound 318 tunes]

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Vol. II / [spiral bound 322 tunes]

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Vol. I and II: $24.95 each
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New England Fiddler’s Repertoire
New 20th Anniversary Edition
Fiddlecase Books

A great source of classic New England contra dance tunes, compiled by Randy Miller and Jack Perron. These tunes, with Celtic and French Canadian roots, are the bedrock of traditional New England fiddling. [spiral bound 168 tunes]

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Book: $19.95

Fiddle Tunes for Cello

by Lucy Reuter
Includes Ashokan Farewell

Lucy Reuter has compiled a collection of forty-two great tunes in the original fiddle keys, with several of them written in more cello-friendly keys as well. All tunes are traditional except for “Ashokan Farewell”, and are laid out well and easy to read in this 8 & 1/2 x 11 book. Over 50 pages, included are many of our favorite dance and jam tunes and good guitar chords. Includes two CDs of recordings of all the songs in the book. Great for students!

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Book: $19.95

The Cello Fiddling Tune Book
by Deborah Greenblatt [Greenblatt & Seay]

A book of fiddle tunes for cello, with chord symbols and a second cello part for all the tunes. [54 pages]

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Book: $14.95

The Civil War Ballroom Band Book
Music for a Midcentury Victorian Ball
by Liz Stell & Bill Matthiesen

This collection supplies enough sheet music for two full-length Victorian balls: over 70 different tunes, including all those from The Civil War Ballroom CD. Harmony parts are provided for over half the music, plus trumpet parts for seven pieces. All music is from mid-nineteenth century sources, with source information for each piece. The introduction includes notes on how to play the music, ideas for instrumentation and sources for additional music and information.

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Introduction: Recreating Civil War-era Balls
Notes on the Music
Additional Resources
Additional Midcentury Dance Tunes

Civil War Grand March Medley (melody)
Civil War Grand March Medley (harmony part)
Civil War Grand March Medley: Bb trumpet part (melody)
St. Louis Grand March
Parade March
Stephen Foster Grand March Medley (melody)
Stephen Foster Grand March Medley (harmony part)

Prima Donna Waltz (melody + harmony)
Prima Donna Waltz: Bb trumpet part (melody + harmony)
Byerly’s Waltz (melody + harmony)
Byerly’s Waltz: Bb trumpet part (melody + harmony)
Spanish Waltz (melody + harmony)
Cachucha or Spanish Dance (melody + harmony)
Kiss Waltz [Il Bacio]
Morning Star Waltz (melody + harmony)
Evening Star Waltz (melody + harmony)
Souvenir de Barcelona Waltz (melody + harmony)
Charming Waltz (redowa or waltz, melody + harmony)
Charming Waltz: Bb trumpet part (melody + harmony)
Bluebird Polka Redowa (or waltz)
Willie Mazurka (also works for a waltz; melody + harmony)

Cally Polka (melody + harmony)
Cally Polka: Bb trumpet part (harmony)
Jenny Lind Polka (melody + harmony)
Jenny Lind Polka: Bb trumpet part (harmony)
Sontag Polka (melody + harmony)
Pearl Polka (melody + harmony)

Wrecker’s Daughter Galop (melody + harmony)
Sans Souci Galop (melody + harmony)
Sans Souci Galop: Bb trumpet part (harmony)
William Tell Overture (a galop)
Rosa Galop (melody + harmony)

Crystal Schottische (melody + harmony)
Rainbow Schottische (melody + harmony)
Diamond Schottische
Zouave Schottische

Lancer’s Quadrille (melody + harmony)
No. 1: La Dorset (Les Tiroirs)
No. 2: Lodoiska (Les Lignes)
No. 3: La Native (Les Moulinets)
No. 4: Les Graces (Les Visites)
No. 5: Les Lanciers

Durang’s Triplet Galop Quadrille (Schomberg Galop, melody + harmony)

Bohemian Polka Quadrille
No. 1: Serious Family Polka (melody + harmony)
No. 2: Baden Baden Polka
No. 3: Zingara Polka
No. 4: Bohemian Polka
No. 5: Little Jeanette Polka (melody + harmony)

Virginia Reel Medleys
1. Irish Washerwoman + Arkansas Traveler + Turkey in the Straw
2. Civil War Medley (melody + harmony)
3. Go to the Devil + Garry Owen + Larry O’Gaff (melody + harmony)
4. Fisher’s Hornpipe + Flowers of Edinburgh + Speed the Plough

Country Dances
Stephen Foster Medley: Nelly Bly + Swanee River (melody + harmony)
Ethiopian Medley: Buffalo Gals + Camptown Races
Jig Medley No. 1: Rustic Reel + Gobby-O
Soldier’s Joy + College Hornpipe (melody + harmony)
Jig Medley No. 2: The Tempest + Land of Sweet Erin
La Tempête
Scotch Reel Medley: Miss McLeod’s Reel and Devil’s Dream

Music Sources and Notes

Book: $26.50

Songs of the Civil War
by Irwin Silber

Compiled and Edited by Irwin Silber. Music Arrangements by Jerry Silverman. (Dover Publications, Mineola, New York: 1995. Illustrated. Pg. ix, 385. 17 photographs, 19 illustrations.)

Book: $19.95

Great American Tablature Songbook
by Mark Hanson [Accent on Music]
Includes Ashokan Farewell for finger-style guitar.

Mark Hanson’s Great American Tablature Songbook is now available in a two-CD format. All the pages of the book, plus the front and back cover are viewable onscreen and printable in PDF format from a CD. The disk is compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers. With the Abode Acrobat program (free download from Adobe), you can view all of the pages of the book on screen, and easily print any or all of them on regular 8.5″x11″ paper.

Included in the package is the same 70-minute audio CD as the original release. This CD features Mark’s guitar solos of all 57 tunes. On the tunes that include lyrics, Greta Pedersen’s sparkling vocals are panned to one channel in the stereo mix, with the guitar in the other. Some of Mark’s best arrangements are included: “Ashokan Farewell” (the PBS “Civil War” theme), “El Condor Pasa,” “Water Is Wide,” “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and many more.

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I. Love Songs & Ballads
Water Is Wide
Simple Gifts
Foggy Dew
Ashokan Farewell

II. Fun Songs & Nostalgia
Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Instrumental)
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
Oh, Susannah!
Down By the Old Mill Stream
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Moonlight Bay
Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)
I’ve Been Working On the Railroad
Tell Me Why

III. Blues
House of the Rising Sun
Trouble in Mind
Careless Love
Frankie and Johnny
St. James Infimary

IV. Western & Fiddle Tunes
Eighth of January
Red Wing
Oh! Them Golden Slippers
Yellow Rose of Texas
Streets of Laredo
Red River Valley
Shady Grove
Old Folks at Home (Way Down Upon the Swanee River)
Home on the Range
Old Joe Clark

V. Ethnic Songs
El Condor Pasa
La Bamba
De Colores
Hava Nagila
Shalom Chavarim
Sloop John B
Many and Great

VI. Sacred and Holiday Songs
I Am a Pilgrim
Amazing Grace
Wade in the Water
Wayfaring Stranger
Say Goodbye
Babylon Is Fallen
Holiday Time
When the Saints
Kwanzaa is Here
We Welcome the Babe

VII. “Good Ol’ USA” Songs
Yankee Doodle
Star-Spangled Banner
I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy
America the Beautiful

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