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The Best of Fiddle Fever (1990)

The Best of Fiddle Fever [CD] This 75 minute CD combines Fiddle Fever’s two albums from the early 80′s. Ranging from old-time to blues, bluegrass to western swing, plus some that defy categorization. Features triple fiddles by Jay Ungar, Matt Glaser, Evan Stover with Russ Barenberg on guitar and Molly Mason on bass, and a few cuts with Tony Trischka on banjo.

1. Big John McNeal
2. Roxanna Waltz And Scotland
3. Calling Jesse
4. Party For The Old Folks
5. Daybreak In The Mountains
6. You Low Down Dirty Dog
7. The Rags
8. MacPherson’s Fiddle And MacPherson’s Strut
9. Melt Down At Indian Point
10. The Sidewalks Of New York
11. Staying All Night And Going To The Barndance
12. Snowbird In The Ashbank
13. Waltz Of The Wind
14. Contranova
15. Ashokan Farewell
16. Vladimir’s Steamboat
17. Whitesburg
18. Poto And Cabengo
19. Old Fashioned Love
20. Look South
21. Icelandic Hymn

    The Catskill Collection (1998)Catskill Collection [CD] Jay & Molly’s compilation of music of and about the Catskill Mountains featuring traditional and original music in a wide range of styles. Includes the following artists: Penny Nichols; Artie Traum and Bill Keith; Abby Newton; David Levine; Bill McComiskey; Lyn Hardy; John Kirk and Trish Miller; The Hawk Project; Tony Levin, Steve Gorn and Jerry Marotta; Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito; Cindy Cashdollar; The Oslo Philharmonic; Klezmer Plus; and of course Jay & Molly, who play some tunes of their own and sit in with several of the artists.                        

Ashokan Farewell – Jay Ungar & Molly Mason – Jay Ungar/Molly Mason 
The Unbroken Thread – Molly Mason & Penny Nichols – Molly Mason/Penny Nichols 
Mud Acres – Artie Traum & Bill Keith – Artie Traum/Bill Keith 
Catskill Mountain Air – Abby Newton – Abby Newton 
Jumpin’ in the Leaves – David Levine – David Levine 
Hornpipes: O’Donnell’s/Spellan the Fiddler – Billy McComisky – Billy McComiskey 
Catskill Mountain Goosechase – Jay Ungar & Lyn Hardy – Jay Ungar/Lyn Hardy 
Cry of the Hillborn – John Kirk & Trish Miller – John Kirk/Trish Miller 
Catskill Thunder – Artie Traum & Bill Keith – Artie Traum/Bill Keith 
Wolf in the Water – the Hawk Project – The Hawk Project 
Roscoe’s Waterfall – Jay Ungar & Molly Mason – Jay Ungar/Molly Mason 
Joyous Lake – Tony Levin, Steve Gorn & Jerry Marotta 
Catskill Green – Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito – Leslie Ritter/Scott Petito 
Locust Grove – Cindy Cashdollar – Cindy Cashdollar 
The Old Spotted Cow – the Oslo Philharmonic – The Oslo Philharmonic 
Tish Nigun – Klezmer Plus! – Klezmer Plus! 
The Mountain House – Jay Ungar & Molly Mason – Jay Ungar/Molly Mason   

Civil War Classics (1991)

Civil War Classics [CD] A live concert sponsored by the Civil War Institute and broadcast by NPR with brief spoken introductions.

1. The Girl I Left Behind Me/Waiting for the Federals
2. Lorena
3. Cumberland Gap
4. Hard Times
5. The Yellow Rose of Texas
6. Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
7. Hard Crackers
8. Marching Through Georgia
9. Ungar & Mason Hit’s of the 60′s (Kingdom Coming/Battle Cry/Dixie
10. The Faded Coat of Blue
11. President Lincoln’s Hornpipe
12. Fisher’s Hornpipe/Leather Britches/Bill Cheatham
13. Ashokan Farewell

  The Divide CD cover only

The Divide (2019) Most Recent “A score from the film “The Divide,”, a western Set in drought plagued California in 1976. Actor Perry King directed and stared in this Film, and Jay & Molly provided all of the music.”
1. The Divide Theme
2. Lonesome Country Bar Band
3. Nightmare Sting
4. Luke Spies Carson
5. Who’s Carson
6. First Encounter
7. Mystery Tractor
8. On the Hill
9. Haircut Money
9. Haircut Money
10. Double Fiddle Haircut
11. Hot Dogs
12. Dead Cow<
13. Every Man Needs a Home
14. Lonesome Country Song
15. Dream
16. Dementia
17. Call of the West
18. Best Gardeners
19. I Never Really Asked
20. Sarah in the Kitchen
21. I Had No Idea
22. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
23. Moonlight Silhouettes
24. Big Rustler
25. Saddle up Sam Joins Carson
26. Blue River Waltz

    Let It Snow (2020)Let It Snow [CD] This is a collection of mostly instrumental music with one vocal by Molly, “Winter Wonderland.” They are tunes we’ve played for years and still enjoy playing, especially during the winter holiday season. This recording was first created as a gift for friends and family in the 1980s. We recently came across the digital master and decided to make it available to all. For shipping in time for Christmas please select “US Expedited” under shipping options at Checkout.

1. The Solstice Medley 05:32
2. Silver Bells 01:56
3. Let It Snow 02:47
4. The Wassail Song 01:43
5. Coventry Carol 01:55
6. Chanukah Medley 04:13
7. Wintery Waltzes 04:01
8. Winter Wonderland 02:10
9. Silent Night 02:05

DIGITAL Download: $7.00Buy on Bandcamp

  The Lovers’ Waltz (1997)  The Lovers’ Waltz [CD] Jay & Molly’s first, and most popular, duo album. It features The Lovers’ Waltz and other originals, plus Ungar & Mason renditions of traditional and swing classics. (Angel 1997)                                     3. The Mountain House4. The Contradance (The Road We Traveled/The Wizard’s Walk)5. Legends Of The Fall6. The Lover’s Lament7. Prairie Love Song8. Louisiana Wedding Bells9. The Montague Processional10. Give Me Your Hand11. There’s Honey On The Moon12. Mesakukkia13. Chosen Challe Mazel Tov14. Tip Toe Alley15. It’s All In Your Mind16. The Lovers Waltz (Extended Version)

1 The Lovers’ Waltz (duet) – Ungar & Mason (3:27)
2 The Misty Dawn (Misty Molly/Foxy Mary/My Darling Asleep) – Ungar (7:57)
3 The Mountain House – Ungar (4:10)
4 The Contradance (The Road We Traveled/The Wizard’s Walk) – Ungar (4:11)
5 Legends Of The Fall – Horner (3:10)
6 The Lover’s Lament – trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (3:38)
7 Prairie Love Song – Ungar & Mason (3:01)
8 Louisiana Wedding Bells – Mason (3:10)
9 The Montague Processional – Kaynor (4:10)
10 Give Me Your Hand – O’Cathain arr. Ungar & Mason (3:05)
11 There’s Honey On The Moon Tonight – Gillespie, Davis & Coots (2:46)
12 Metsakukkia – trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (4:30)
13 Chosen Challe Mazeltov – trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (2:51)
14 Tip-Toe Alley – Ungar (3:42)
15 It’s All In Your Mind – LaVere (3:09)
16 The Lovers’ Waltz – Ungar & Mason (4:29)

 winter_200 The Pleasures of Winter (2016) Live performances from Jay & Molly’s annual winter holiday special on PRI. An amazing array of musical friends join in the festivities, including: Laurel Masse; Kate Pierson; David Bromberg, Butch Thompson; Mike + Ruthy; Peter Schickele; Tony Trischka; Peter Ecklund; Peter Davis; Harry Aceto; Steve Rust; and Sam Zucchini.

1. Cold Nights of Winter/Trettondagsmarschen
2. A Rovin’ on a Winter’s Night
3. The Unbroken Thread
4. Twenty Below
5. Valse de Jeunes Filles/Valse des Jouets
6. Sermonette
7. Christmas Eve
8. Lights of Chanukah
9. Böda Waltz
10. The Frostbite Set
11. Darkest Days, Brightest Nights
12. Midnight Hour Blues
13. Settin’ by the Fire
14. The Solstice Set
15. Zat You Santa Claus?
16. The Snowstorm
17. Silent Night Two Step

     Relax Your Mind (2003)  Relax Your Mind a collection of country blues, waltzes, vintage jazz, western swing, two steps and Dixieland jams, recorded with Jay & Molly’s band Swingology.           

1. Backyard Symphony
2. Faded Love/A Maiden’s Prayer/San Antonio Rose
3. The Ookpik Waltz
4. Homegrown Tomatoes
5. The Cotton Patch Rag
6. Oklahoma Hills
7. The Blue River Waltz
8. That River’s Taking Care Of Me
9. Tampa
10. Blues Stay Away From Me
11. The Old Madera Waltz
12. Bad Attitude
13. Relax Your Mind

   The Quiet Room (2018)  11 previously recorded tracks and 3 new ones. The Story of the Quiet Room

1. The Quiet Room
2. Thanksgiving Waltz
3. Prairie Spring
4. Roscoe’s Waterfall
5. Foster’s Ladies
6. Give Me Your Hand
7. Mountain House
8. Liberty’s Golden Shore
9. Love of My Life
10. Blue River Waltz
11. Montague Processional
12. Lovers’ Waltz
13. My Cape Breton Home
14. Ashokan Farewell

CD: DIGITAL Download: $10.00Buy on Bandcamp   waltz_with_200 Waltzing with You (1998) Waltzing With You (formerly “Brother’s Keeper“) [CD] “This album, the soundtrack from the movie “Brother’s Keeper,” absolutely stands on its own. Jay and Molly make music that is simple and overwhelming… an apotheosis of American traditional music, sweet and dark and brooding.” –Garrison Keillor (Angel 1998)

1. Brother’s Keeper (Opening Theme)
2. Lyman’s Walk
3. The Streets Of Munnsville
4. The Golden Eagle Two-Step
5. I’m Just A-Fiddlin’
6. Waltzing With You
7. Fog Scene
8. Roscoe’s Waterfall
9. Fiddler’s Elbow
10. Johnson Road
11. The Auction
12. Fall To Winter
13. Delbert’s Tear
14. The Tractor Breakdown
15. Gobblers
16. Cows On The Hill
17. The Trial
18. Waltzing With You (Instrumental)
19. Brother’s Keeper (Closing Theme)

 fiddlers_holiday_200 A Fiddler’s Holiday (2012) A Fiddler’s Holiday [CD and DVD] a musical celebration of the winter holiday season. The Jay & Molly Family Band with Mike & Ruthy of the Mammals are accompanied by the University of Mary Washington Philharmonic Orchestra.

1. Introduction of Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
2. The Solstice Set
3. Introduction To A Rovin’ On A Winter’s Night
4. A Rovin’ On A Winter’s Night
5. Introduction To The Snowstorm
6. The Snowstorm
7. Introduction To Christmas Eve
8. Christmas Eve
9. Introduction To Ashokan Farewell
10. Ashokan Farewell
11. Themes From Harvest Home Suite
12. Darkest Days, Brightest Nights
13. Introduction To Waltz Of The Little Girls’ Toys
14. Waltz Of The Little Girls’ Toys
15. Introduction To Lights Of Chanukah
16. Lights Of Chanukah
17. Silent Night
18. Silent Night Two Step