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pdfs_56 Jay & Molly’s MP3s on iTunes dreamer_56 American Dreamer
Baritone Thomas Hampson sings Stephen Foster with Jay & Molly and guests.
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Catskill Collection
A compilation of great Catskill Mtn. music – Jay & Molly and other artists.

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Civil War Classics
Jay & Molly in a live concert of Civil War music at the Civil War Institute.

The Divide CD cover only The Divide – Original Soundtrack
Jay & Molly’s original soundtrack for an award winning American western.
CD thumbnail A Fiddler’s Holiday
Jay & Molly and their Family Band celebrate the holiday season.
CD thumbnail The Best of Fiddle Fever Fiddle Fever’s two LPs on CD (Ungar, Mason, Glaser, Stover, Barenberg). CD thumbnail Harvest Home
Jay & Molly tour the seasons with the Nashville Chamber Orch and other guests.
CD thumbnail The Lovers’ Waltz
Original and traditional romantic fiddle classics – Jay & Molly’s most popular CD.

The Pleasures of Winter
Live performances with great guests from Jay & Molly’s annual winter holiday special on PRI.

CD thumbnail The Quiet Room
A collection of music for healing – including 3 new recordings.
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Relax Your Mind
Country, Blues, and Swing with Jay & Molly’s band Swingology.

CD thumbnail Song of the Hills
A compilation of beautiful American tunes – Jay & Molly and other artists.
CD thumbnail Waltzing With You
Jay & Molly’s soundtrack for the award winning film, “Brother’s Keeper.”
Doc Jan 19, 2020, 16:42-1 Mostly Kaynor A celebration of David Kaynor’s contribution to music making.


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Mostly Kaynor [CD] A celebration of David Kaynor’s contribution to music making. Recorded live at Montague Congregational church in Montague, MA. All proceeds of the CD to benefit David who was diagnosed with ALS an incurable and slowly fatal disease.
CD: $15


American Dreamer [CD] An essential Stephen Foster collection sung by baritone Thomas Hampson accompanied by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, David Alpher and others. Selections include favorites such as I Dream of Jeannie and Beautiful Dreamer, as well as lesser known gems like Hard Times Come Again No More and Gentle Annie. (Angel Records)

CD: $14.95

Catskill Collection [CD] Jay & Molly’s compilation of music of and about the Catskill Mountains featuring traditional and original music in a wide range of styles including Celtic, Klezmer, Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, New Age and Classical. Here’s the list of artists: Penny Nichols; Artie Traum and Bill Keith; Abby Newton; David Levine; Bill McComiskey; Lyn Hardy; John Kirk and Trish Miller; The Hawk Project; Tony Levin, Steve Gorn and Jerry Marotta; Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito; Cindy Cashdollar; The Oslo Philharmonic; Klezmer Plus; and of course Jay & Molly, who play some tunes of their own and sit in with several of the artists.

Includes The Unbroken Thread and Ashokan Farewell. (Fiddle & Dance Records 1998)

CD: $12.95 

Civil War Classics [CD] A concert by Jay & Molly sponsored by the Civil War Institute and broadcast by NPR. 13 selections including Lorena, Faded Coat of Blue, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Tenting Tonight, Dixie, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Ashokan Farewell and more – with brief spoken introductions. (Fiddle & Dance Records)

CD: $12.95 

The Divide CD cover only

The quintessential Ungar & Mason movie score for “The Divide,” an American western set in drought-plagued California in 1976. Most tracks were composed and recorded live to the film with little EQ and few effects, to retain the pure sound of fingers and bow on acoustic instruments, The result is simple, strong and deeply moving.
CD: $14.95

A Fiddler’s Holiday [CD and DVD] a musical celebration of the winter holiday season, a time when families gather round hearth and home to keep their spirits warm and bright. The Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band is accompanied by the University of Mary Washington Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dr. Kevin P. Bartram.A Fiddler’s Holiday TV Special aired on PBS affiliate stations during the 2012 holiday season. The program was produced and directed at The University Of Mary Washington in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia by four-time Emmy® Award winner Jim Brown. (Rounder Records 2012)

CD: $12.95

Click here for the DVD!


The Best of Fiddle Fever [CD] This 75 minute CD combines Fiddle Fever’s two albums of classic fiddle extravaganzas ranging old-time to blues, bluegrass to western swing, plus some that defy categorization. Intelligent, heartfelt arrangements with a touch of wit and whimsy featuring triple fiddles by Jay Ungar, Matt Glaser, Evan Stover with Russ Barenberg on guitar and Molly Mason on bass, and a few cuts with Tony Trischka on banjo. Includes Snowbird in the Ashbank, Waltz of the Wind, Stay All Night, Old Fashioned Love, Icelandic Hymn, the original 1983 recording of Jay’s Ashokan Farewell and much more. (Flying Fish 1991)

CD: $14.95



Harvest Home [CD] Tour the seasons beginning with Ungar & Mason originals and traditional tunes performed in small groups (New England dance band, Cajun band, Old-Time string band, etc.) followed by The Harvest Home Suite, another take on these themes played by Jay & Molly with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. Also included are Ungar & Mason performing Ashokan Farewell with orchestra and Bonaparte’s Retreat/Hoedown, a recombination of Copland’s orchestral work and the fiddle tune that inspired it. (Angel 1999)

CD: $14.95

The Lovers’ Waltz [CD] Jay & Molly’s first, and most popular, duo album. It features The Lovers’ Waltz and other originals, plus Ungar & Mason renditions of traditional and swing classics. (Angel 1997)

CD: $14.95



Live performances from Jay & Molly’s annual winter holiday special on PRI. An amazing array of musical friends join in the festivities, including: Laurel Masse; Kate Pierson; David Bromberg, Butch Thompson; Mike + Ruthy; Peter Schickele; Tony Trischka; Peter Ecklund; Peter Davis; Harry Aceto; Steve Rust; and Sam Zucchini. Here are some of the seventeen seasonal titles: The Unbroken Thread, The Snowstorm, Zat You Santa Claus, The Snowstorm, Lights of Chanukah, Rovin’ on a Winter’s Night, Darkest Days Brightest Nights, Midnight Hour Blues, Sermonette and more.

CD: $12.95 

Music to heal the heart and soothe the soul. This compilation includes eleven tracks from Jay & Molly’s previous albums and three new pieces, “The Quiet Room,” “Love of My Life,” and “Liberty’s Golden Shore.” We’ve set the price for the CD and download at $5 as a way to get the healing sounds of this album to more people at this crazy time.

The Story of the Quiet Room

CD: $5.00

DIGITAL Download: $5.00Buy on Bandcamp

Relax Your Mind [CD] a collection of country blues, waltzes, vintage jazz, western swing, two steps and Dixieland jams, recorded with Jay & Molly’s band Swingology. With its laid-back grooves and toe-tapping melodies Relax Your Mind is destined to be the soundtrack for your day off. This CD includes Home Grown Tomatoes, Blue River Waltz, Relax Your Mind, Bob Wills Medley, Ookpik Waltz, Back Yard Symphony, Old Madera Waltz and many more.

Featured Musicians:
Harry Aceto
David Bromberg
Peter Davis
Peter Ecklund
Michael Merenda
Kate Pierson
Steve Rust
Ruth Ungar
Sam Zucchini

CD: $14.95


Song of the Hills [CD] – Instrumental Impressions of the Applalachian Classics with Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Eric Weissberg, Norman and Nancy Blake, John Sebastian, Bill Keith, Brian Keane, Lorraine Lee, Tony Trischka, John Doan, Peter Blue, Kenny Kosek, Stacy Phillips, Alan Feldman, John Sholle, and John Whelan. Jay & Molly sit in with several of the artists and also perform their own versions of Midnight on the Water, Seneca Square Dance and Tombigbee Waltz.

CD: $14.95


Waltzing With You (formerly “Brother’s Keeper“) [CD] “This album, the soundtrack from the movie “Brother’s Keeper,” absolutely stands on its own. Jay and Molly make music that is simple and overwhelming… an apotheosis of American traditional music, sweet and dark and brooding.” –Garrison Keillor (Angel 1998)

CD: $14.95