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David A. Kaynor – Living Music and Dance
compiled by Susan Songer

David A. Kaynor: Living Music and Dance encompasses and celebrates the many contributions David has made to the world of contra dance. At 300 spiral-bound, 8.5 x 11 pages, the book contains:

  • David’s autobiography, which has been supplemented by writings from his colleagues.
  • Tributes from family members, friends, and colleagues
  • Over 70 tunes that David has composed, his harmonies for many of these tunes, and his stories about the tunes.
  • David’s essays on tune composition and harmony
  • David’s previous book, Calling for Beginners by Beginners
  • Over 50 dances that David has choreographed and his stories about these dances
  • Many of David’s hand calligraphed dance flyers
  • Anecdotes and more

Catskill Mountain Waltzes and Airs by Jay Ungar & Molly Mason 62 of Jay & Molly’s original waltzes and airs. This book contains melodies and chord symbols for each tune plus a paragraph about each and some illustrative photographs. The collection covers a wide range of moods, tempos, and styles and includes “Ashokan Farewell,” “The Lovers’ Waltz,” “Love of My Life,” “The Snowstorm,” and fifty-eight more. Print:
Catskill Mountain Waltzes and Airs arranged for Mountain Dulcimer by Melanie Johnston A special collection of 22 arrangements of Jay and Molly’s songs from their book, “Catskill Mountain Waltzes & Airs.” With your purchase, you’ll receive a link so that you may download the following files.  • The complete book, in PDF format (61 pages)  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so you can sort the titles alphabetically (22 files)  • A folder with an MP3 version of each song (22 files) The audio files (in MP3 format) are computer-generated from the dulcimer tablature – they’re created with a piano sound, and will let you hear “how it goes” for each song.

    Songs included:

Allaire – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason Amid The Rivers And The Streams – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar And Molly Mason Blue Noon – DAC Tuning – Jay Ungar And Molly Mason The Blue River Waltz – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Cabernet – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason Call Of The West – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason Catskill Mountain Waltz – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Cedar Grove – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Cool September Rain – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason Delbert’s Tear – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar The Elephant Hotel – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Hudson Valley Serenade – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Johanna – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason The Love Of My Life – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar The Lovers’ Waltz – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar And Molly Mason The Mountain House – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar My Blue Mountain Home – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar The New Mexico Waltz – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Opal June – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar The Solstice Maid – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Thanksgiving Hymn – DAD Tuning – Jay Ungar Tuesday Night Waltz – DAD Tuning – Molly Mason eBook:

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Volumes I, II, and III and IV: $14.95 each (select in cart).The Waltz Book Vol. I, II, III & IV by Bill Matthiesen One of Jay and Molly’s favorite resources, these easy to read spiral bound books include the melodies and chord symbols for some of the most memorable waltzes played by dance musicians today. There’s a nice mix of recent compositions along with traditional classics, some with Celtic, Canadian or Scandinavian roots. It’s great fun to get together with friends and family and read through waltz after beautiful waltz, improvizing harmonies and countermelodies along the way. View Table of Contents here.  Vol. I / 51 Waltzes including The Lover’s Waltz, Ashokan Farewell and Midnight on the Water.[66 pages] Vol. II / 73 Waltzes including Waltzing With You, The Mountain House, Metsakukkia, and Give Me Your Hand. [80 pages] Vol. III / 68 Waltzes including Eclipse of the Moon (Ruth Ungar), Ellery Rose (Molly Mason), and West Texas Waltz (Jay Ungar). [74 pages] Vol. IV / Vol. IV / 72 Waltzes including Dying Embers and The Snowstorm (Molly Mason) and also The Love of My Life and The Solstice Maid (Jay Ungar). [74 pages]

PortlandCollection pc2_cover
Volume 1:
Volume 2:

The Portland Collection Vol. I & II by Susan Songer (with Clyde Curley) Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest A remarkable collection of the most popular traditional and contemporary fiddle tunes heard at square and contra dances in and about Portland, Oregon. These books contain melodies and chords, as well as interesting notes about each tune. Vol. I / [spiral bound 318 tunes] View Table of Contents Vol. II / [spiral bound 322 tunes] View Table of Contents


New England Fiddler’s Repertoire
New 20th Anniversary Edition
Fiddlecase Books

A great source of classic New England contra dance tunes, compiled by Randy Miller and Jack Perron. These tunes, with Celtic and French Canadian roots, are the bedrock of traditional New England fiddling. [spiral bound 168 tunes]  View Table of Contents

Fiddle Tunes for Cello by Lucy Reuter Includes Ashokan Farewell Lucy Reuter has compiled a collection of forty-two great tunes in the original fiddle keys, with several of them written in more cello-friendly keys as well. All tunes are traditional except for “Ashokan Farewell”, and are laid out well and easy to read in this 8 & 1/2 x 11 book. Over 50 pages, included are many of our favorite dance and jam tunes and good guitar chords. Includes two CDs of recordings of all the songs in the book. Great for students! View Table of Contents Book:


The Cello Fiddling Tune Book
by Deborah Greenblatt [Greenblatt & Seay]

A book of fiddle tunes for cello, with chord symbols and a second cello part for all the tunes. [54 pages] View Table of Contents


This landmark collection of Irish fiddle tunes, first published in 1977 by Randy Miller and Jack Perron, has helped introduce several generations of American musicians to the beauty and delights of Irish fiddle tunes. An expanded second edition was released on St. Patrick’s Day 2006, of which Geoff Wallis (Musical Traditions) wrote, “Frankly, it’s the best Irish tune collection issued for many a long year.” The 3rd edition of ITFM, released in October 2015, contains clear and faithful settings of 235 jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slip jigs, and airs. Chords, a discography, bibliography, and extensive notes on tunes and sources are included. The cover and inside illustrations are from a wood engraving by Randy Miller. The transcriptions are true to the personal and regional characteristics of fiddlers like Julia Clifford, Paddy Canny, Martin Wynne, Sean McGuire, Mairtin Byrnes, Sean Ryan, Michael Coleman, Paddy Cronin, and others. To read the complete review of ITFM in Musical Traditions e-zine, click here. Book: