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These digital products will be available to download PDF format automatically after payment. The Waltez & Airs collection is available both in PDF and ePUB formats.

For PERFORMABLE PRINTED VERSIONS of “Ashokan Farewell” and “The Lovers’ Waltz,” see PRINT EDITIONS below.


Waltzes Thumb
62 of Jay & Molly’s original waltzes and airs. Available in PDF or e-reader format. Contains melodies and chord symbols for each tune plus a paragraph about each and some illustrative photographs. The collection covers a wide range of moods, tempos, and styles and includes “Ashokan Farewell,” “The Lovers’ Waltz,” “Love of My Life,” “The Snowstorm,” and fifty-eight more. Also available in print here

Catskill Mountain Waltzes & Aires



From The Lovers’ Waltz


The Lovers’ Waltz
Tip-Toe Alley
Wizard’s Walk (Duet)
Louisiana Wedding Bells
The Mountain House
Prairie Love Song
The Road We Traveled
The Montague Processional (duet)
Misty Dawn



From Waltzing With You

Delbert’s Tear
Waltzing With You
Lyman’s Walk
Brother’s Keeper
Roscoe’s Waterfall


From The Catskill Collection

Ashokan Farewell (lead sheet)
Ashokan Farewell for String Quartet
Ashokan Farewell for Viola
Hoo-Doo Hoedown
Cry of the Hillborn
Round the Horn

Quiet Room Album Art

Songs from The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room
Love of My Life


Relax Your Mind

From Relax Your Mind

Old Madera Waltz




From Harvest Home

Bound for Another Harvest Home
Prairie Spring
Prairie Spring (Duet)
Haymaker’s Hoedown
Thanksgiving Waltz


The Divide CD cover only

From The Divide

Blue River Waltz
Call of the West


From The Best of Fiddle Fever

Vladamir’s Steamboat
Ashokan Farewell – FF arrangement (2 violins, viola, guitar & bass) as heard on PBS The Civil War)


From The Pleasures of Winter

Solstice Hymn
The Snowstorm




Print Editions of The Lovers’ Waltz


Note: This is a physical copy that will be mailed to you.

Two violins & piano.
Piano (solo)


The Lovers’ Waltz for String Orchestra – For Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, String Bass and optional Harp, arranged by Andrew Dabczynski. This beautiful arrangement is accessible for school ensembles. Printable PDF copies of the score and parts are available from Alfred Music.Buy from Alfred Music here.

The Lovers’ Waltz for String Orchestra – For Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, String Bass and optional Harp. Arranged by Andrew Dabczynski.

Print Editions of

Ashokan Farewell

These are physical copies that will be mailed to you, not digital downloads.

Ashokan Farewell (Mel Bay) $9.95 – For violin and piano – performable version includes bowings and ornaments plus notes from Jay on playing the tune and the story of Ashokan Farewell. (in key of D)


Piano Solo (Warner) key of D

Ashokan Farewell Guitar Arrangement (Arranged by John Lehmann-Haupt)

Ashokan Farewell: String Orchestra

Ashokan Farewell: Concert Band

Ashokan Farewell: Full Orchestra and String Orchestra

Ashokan Farewell: Hand Bells

Ashokan Farewell: Choral Arrangement (3-parts) – Lyrics by Grian MacGregor

Ashokan Farewell: Choral Arrangement (4-parts) – Lyrics by Grian MacGregor – $2.25

Ashokan Farewell: Harp (Friou)

Ashokan Farewell: Harp (McGaughey)

Ashokan Farewell: Ashokan Farewell: Expandable Flute Choir Watch a performance of this piece