How to Publicize Jay & Molly


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Who are Jay & Molly’s audience?

• Public TV viewers and public radio listeners.
• Civil War buffs and interest groups.
• Folk music enthusiasts.
• Fiddlers and fiddle music enthusiasts.
• String players and string teachers.
• People interested in Americana and American history.

How to best reach Jay & Molly’s audience?

• Schedule local print media interviews with Jay & Molly.
• Schedule public broadcast media interviews with Jay & Molly.
• Underwrite popular public radio and TV programs.

Some suggested public radio shows.
A Prairie Home Companion
Morning Edition
All Things Considered
Performance Today
Thistle and Shamrock

• Buy display ads in public TV and radio program guides.
• Underwrite appropriately timed airings of The Civil War, Songs of the Civil War, or Brother’s Keeper (or other PBS documentaries that featuring Ungar & Mason’s music).