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If you love American acoustic music, don’t miss Jay Ungar & Molly Mason. These extraordinary musicians won international acclaim after Ken Burns’ The Civil War hit the airwaves. Their performance of Jay’s haunting composition Ashokan Farewell — the musical hallmark of the PBS series — left a lasting impression on everyone who tuned in. The soundtrack won a Grammy and Ashokan Farewell was nominated for an Emmy.

Jay & Molly are masters of music and storytelling who generously share their lives and their music with audiences. There are so many moments and strands to savor in the course of the evening!

Jay’s fiddling is brimming with playfulness, drama, soulfulness and technical verve, as he explores the many musical styles and idioms that he has internalized and made his own. Molly’s total mastery and inventiveness on piano and guitar is always spot-on, as she supports the tunes and follows the flow of the melody. Her rich and expressive vocals along with the resonant strains of Jay’s violin, reveal the deep emotions that flow in the duos veins.


If you love American roots music, don’t miss the Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band, featuring Jay, Molly, Jay’s daughter Ruth Ungar, and her husband Mike Merenda.

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason are one of the most celebrated duos in American acoustic music. They achieved international acclaim in 1990 when their performance of Jay’s composition Ashokan Farewell became the musical hallmark of Ken Burns’ The Civil War on PBS.

Ruth Ungar cut her teeth on traditional music. She brings fiddle, ukulele, guitar, bass and breathtaking vocals to the Family Band. Michael Merenda favored rock and ska before he found acoustic music. He adds banjo, guitar, percussion, bass and compelling vocals to the mix.

Double fiddles, sweet vocal harmonies and rhythmic energy abound as two generations collaborate, entertaining you with music from the heart and soul of America.


If you love American roots music, you won’t want to miss Swingology.

Jay & Molly won international acclaim after their haunting rendition of Ungar’s Ashokan Farewell became the musical hallmark of Ken Burns’ PBS special The Civil War. Jay & Molly’s band — drawn from their favorite musicians — adds clarinet, sax, cornet, banjo, piano, bass, percussion and no end of fun to the mix. You’ll hear a variety of music genres — fiddle tunes, blues, Celtic and Cajun, Stephen Foster, Fats Waller, Leadbelly and Hank Williams —plus Jay & Molly’s classic originals. They tackle each musical idiom with remarkable fidelity, and explore it all to the fullest, as the group morphs from string band to swing band, Cajun band to Celtic band, country band to Civil War-era dance orchestra! You can sum it up in five words: Consummate musicianship and astounding versatility.